Stop the train

Stop the train

To the city council of the Italian city of Rho

13. Dezember, 2011

Thank you Rho for Refusing to Cooperate with Violations of International Law

The Jewish Voice wishes to express its support to the city council of the Italian city of Rho, who has published an official condemnation of the Pizarotti and the Mipien S.p.A. company, and to the activists of the “Stop the Train” campaign which expose the criminal activity of the companies.

Pizarotti, which is owned by the Mipien S.p.A. company, in conjunction with the Israeli company Shapir Engineering, has become involved in an illegal project to construct a train line between Jerusalem and Tel-Aviv on occupied Palestinian land. The project involves routing the train through 6.5 kilometers of the occupied West Bank, and includes land confiscation from Palestinian owners in the villages of Beit Iksa and Beit Sourik, and forming barriers and obstacles which hamper movement of Palestinians in their own land. This project is a clear violation of the Fourth Geneva Convention.

We believe that no company should profit from colonial exploitation of occupied lands and people. We hereby call our members to withdraw all of our investments in Mipien S.p.A. and in Pizarotti until such time as the company will resume its compliance with international law. This divestment, however, is not a substitute to legal action which must take place against criminal corporate activity.

Furthermore, we call on German, Italian and other banks to cease offering financing services to Mipien S.p.A. and to Pizarotti, for that would also be an act of profiting from the illegal exploitation of the Israeli occupation in Palestine.

Executive Committee

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