The Jüdische Stimme für gerechten Frieden in Nahost (Jewish Voice for a Just Peace in the Middle East, EJJP Germany) strongly condemns Israel’s brutal assault against the Gaza Strip, which has lasted for over a week already after being launched with the murder of Ahmad Al-Jabari in November 14th.

Most of Gaza Strip’s population are refugees who were deported from areas that are now part of Israel. Israel has concentrated about a quarter of all the Palestinians living under its control in a small area, comprising 1.5% of historic Palestine. The population, half of them minors, is not allowed to trade with the rest of the world.

Gaza is managed as an open-air prison and is besieged by the Israeli army. Israel continues to occupy the Gaza Strip through sophisticated methods, and it was recently revealed that the Israeli army allocated a quota of 2,279 calories per person per day. Therefore, we are reminded that the Israeli army is responsible for the wellbeing of the population of the Gaza Strip. The assault against Gaza is an illegal act of collective punishment, and a war crime.

The current round of bombardment and killing against Gaza was launched to promote the political ambitions of Israeli politicians for the upcoming elections, cynically disregarding the lives and safety of Palestinians and Israelis.

Over a hundred killed, over seven hundred wounded in Gaza have been counted while we prepared this condemnation. Most of the victims were unarmed civilians, many of them children. The media center where international journalists have gathered to report on the attack was bombed as well.

We were horrified to hear that the Israeli military murdered the Al Dallu family by bombardment from the air, while they were in their own home. Including their neighbors, twelve people were killed altogether in this single attack.

Netanyahu, Israel’s prime minister, boasts that Chancellor Angela Merkel (amongst others) supports Israel’s attack. Merkel, whose government has armed the Israeli army with weaponry that is now being used against defenceless civilians, used her political power to put pressure on Hamas through Egypt. Merkel said that “Israel has a right to defend itself,” and yet made no comment about the right of Palestinians for life, freedom and dignity.

By siding with the aggressor and the occupier, by arming and supporting Israel, Germany and Europe in general is taking responsibility for the crimes committed in Gaza. We demand that our governments condemn the war crimes and the injustice, and that they distance themselves from Israel.

In light of the shameful complicity of the Germany government, we call on all European citizens to boycott Israeli goods, in accordance with the Palestinian call for BDS, until Israel is made accountable for its crimes, as this is the only peaceful method left to us to put pressure in support of the Palestinians in their rightful struggle.


21. November, 2012